We provide independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas.

What we do?

  • provide every kind of technical and scientist consultancy
  • business, financial and administrative expertise
  • managerial expertise
  • business development skills
  • project management

How we do it?

We participate in project teams to help deliver services to clients. Our participation can range from purely scientific or technical roles to coordinating or managerial roles, and combinations thereof depending on the type and size of the project. We have also intruduced the figure of the Technologist

What is a Technologist?

Technologists are specialists responsible for implementing certain technologies within the field of engineering. Technologists often use their training to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills while working closely with engineers in the firm to deliver a variety of projects. Usually technologists work under the direction of engineers.

What other professions and disciplines we employ?

Specialist engineers, generalist engineers, technologists, planners, CAD operators, surveyors, architects, environmental biologists, geoscientists, archaeologists, economists, construction specialists, property negotiators and a range of other specialists as needed by the project.